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Ghost – Ballet Show
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Anita Andreis — Ghost Ballet Show
Release date : Nov. 11, 2011
Label : New Orleans Ballet Association and the NOCCA Institute
  1. 1. Main Theme (excerpt only)
  2. 2. Wind (excerpt only)
  3. 3. Wolf (excerpt only)
  4. 4. Thunder (excerpt only)

Ghost – Ballet Show




World Premiere of an ballet show November 11&12, 2011 in New Orleans


Artistic Directors: Drew Jacoby, Rubinald Pronk

Dancers: Prince Credell, Drew Jacoby, Leo Mujic, Rubinald Pronk

Choreography: Leo Mujic

Music: Anita Andreis

Solo Violin: Krunoslav Maric

Text: Iva Uscumlic Gretic

Ghost has been created with the generous support of the New Orleans Ballet Association and the NOCCA Institute.