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Silence of my Murmur – Ballet Show
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Anita Andreis — Ballet Show
Release date : Nov. 09, 2010
Label : Croatian National Theatre - Hrvatsko Narodno Kazaliste

Silence of my Murmur – Ballet Show

The anniversary season of Croatian National Theatre has been opened by the world premiere of the ballet show “Silence of my Murmur”



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Premiere: November 19, 2010.

The anniversary season will be opened by the world premiere of the work based upon the poetry of Dobriša Cesarić, a great Croatian poet of the 20th century. This author of numerous beautiful, seemingly simple verses, has inspired the young choreographer Leo Mujić to do a ballet entitled The Silence of my Murmur. The choreographer took Cesarić’s motifs and verses as the basis of his work and completed them with the music of several classical composers (W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert, C. Debussy, T. A. Vitali) and a young Croatian composer Anita Andreis (known for her scores
for animated, feature and documentary films, TV shows and theatre performances). With the characteristic dance expression which cherishes the high level of the classical technique, the author creates a ballet set in the set, costume and light frame of his frequent associate Tomas Mike.

Choreography – Leo Mujić
Music – Mozart, Vitali, Debussy, Schubert, Anita Andreis
Narration – Dragan Despot
Singers – Mary Crnković Pilaš, Sandra Tribuson
Drums – Filip Žganec

Tisina mog suma

Vođen mislima i atmosferom svevremene Cesarićeve poezije i glazbom Mozarta, Vitalija, Debussyja, Schuberta i Anite Andreis mladi koreograf Leo Mujić, umjetnošću jednostavnih, čistih i jasnih pokreta, stvorio je balet Tišina mog šuma pun bogatstva pjesničkih slika, doživljaja prirode, zavičaja, grada, djetinjstva, ljubavi, života kao vječnog kruga…