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AA’s TOP 10 (ex Yu region)

Recently I stumbled upon to a quite a lot of extraordinary music from the ex yu region and I think it deserves to be shared in any way possible. I will continue to do so whenever I will have to procrastinate some serious work again. 😀

Here are the rules and criteria upon which I picked those artists:

1) (at least) Ok production quality
2) Great singing and musicianship in general
3) Meaningful and carefully crafted lyrics
4) Overall likability + I personally have to like these songs
5) Song structure, instrumentation
6) Originality!!
7) They are from Ex Yu region (Croatia, Serbia …) but naturally write and sing in english

Simple. So, here they are. Not in any particular order. These are all #1 songs.

If you like some of these artists – do support them, google them and like them all around (facebook, twitter….), share their work, message them, let them know you love them! 😀 , spread the word, buy their mp3’s or CD’s and keep on listening!! 😀

Here is the youtube playlist to make it easier for you. 😛

  1.  J.R. August – Change of Seasons (4/4)
  2. Stray Dogg – No One But You
  3. Ana Ćurčin – Remain calm
  4. Mahatma – Feel so Fine
  5. FOR – Into My Nightmare
  6. Breakdown! – Lay It Out on Me
  7. NLV – Guide Me Home
  8.  Druyd – Magic Wood
  9. Irena Zilic – Cricket and Mouse
  10. Fog Frog Dog – Pohyeye (not their best production, but I just love this song)
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