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Anita Andreis is an award winning film composer and songwriter whose versality has led to a varied career covering a wide range of styles geared for media projects such as movies, theatre, ballet shows, movie trailers, games, tv and beyond.

Known for specific style of orchestration and orchestral colours engraved in rich textured compositions, her compositional skills evoke numerous images and emotions in a listener, thus providing a strong subliminal impact needed in movies.

Anita holds  a Master Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV” issued by Berklee College of Music.

She been one of 8 film composers from Europe and the USA in the “Venturetracks” and also a former member of “Teamscore Composer Collective” group of film composers with whom she cooperated on scoring music for a Hollywood production movies.

Her music is licensed throughout the world. She has composed music for numerous commercials, ballet shows, feature movies, shorts, educational films and documentaries, mostly in her own studio using high quality equipment, collaborating with highly acclaimed musicians on a regular basis.

Recently, she is embarking on a new adventure as a singer-songwriter writing insightful songs in a genre closest to alternative pop-rock. This new musical path is a mixture of all of her film scoring, (working with orchestra influences) plus early musical experience in rock music thus resulting in a very unique vibe and emotion to her work.

Genres: Cinematic Orchestral, Post classical, Post-romantic Classical, Alternative Indie Pop Rock

– Composing Music for media (film, tv, radio, theatre etc.)
– Orchestration, Score preparation, Arrangment
– Recording, mixing and mastering music
– Songwriting (Lyrics (english only), Music)
– Pianist